UW System president working to remove campus mask requirements

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) --  University of Wisconsin System president,  Tommy Thompson, is working with university chancellors to begin removing current mandatory mask requirements on campus with the intent to withdraw them as soon as Mar. 1 and no later than spring break.

Thompson said widespread vaccination on university campuses and the rapidly decreasing prevalence of COVID-19 in campus communities and across Wisconsin present favorable conditions to lift existing indoor mask requirements.

“Wisconsin has one of the fastest rates of coronavirus decline in the country,” Thompson said. “While we will continue to take prudent prevention measures when warranted, restrictions can be lifted as case counts drop. Further, vaccinations and boosters are readily available to combat the virus that is much less severe for people who take this individual responsibility to protect themselves and others.”

Thompson noted says going forward there will be times when the COVID-19 virus is more prevalent and times when it is not. However, due to vaccination and infection-induced immunity, it is expected the population will continue to build its overall immunity and the risk of severe disease will decrease.

Coronavirus vaccines and tests will still be available on campus, and students and employees can opt to wear masks if they wish, he said. Moreover, the UW System and its universities will continue to monitor COVID-19 and will adjust policies as needed if circumstances change.

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