UW-Panther Arena debuts new concessions

NOW: UW-Panther Arena debuts new concessions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Attending your favorite sporting event is always fun, but the right concessions can make it even better. 

The UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is getting some new food options for fans. The Wisconsin Center District and its in-house catering partner, Levy Restaurants, were on-hand to show off some of its new offerings on Tuesday, Sept. 28. 

"All of our stuff is, we have nothing swimming. Everything is prepared in the stand. Our staff will cook things in the stands, whether it's the hot dog or whether it's the potato or grilled cheese. Everything is done in the stand and everything's done fresh," said Levy Restaurants Executive Chef Chris Pulling. 

Some of the new items include ribbon fries with poutine, a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, and grilled cheese sandwiches with pizza and mushroom flavors. 

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