UW-Milwaukee graduates finally get to walk across stage, celebrate graduation

NOW: UW-Milwaukee graduates finally get to walk across stage, celebrate graduation

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — After a long academic journey and a postponement of in-person graduation ceremonies caused by the pandemic, roughly 700 graduates walked across the stage at UWM Panther Arena on Sunday, April 10.

"We went from December of 2019 until December of 2020 without a real, in-person graduation,” said Chancellor Mark Mone. “We missed three separate graduations. That's over 7,500 students who didn't have the opportunity to walk across the stage. Have their families, friends celebrate.”

Students from thirteen schools that make up UW-Milwaukee were represented on Sunday.

One of the graduates celebrating was Promise Triplett, who received her Master's degree in Criminal Justice in 2020.

"It feels really special because it was something I cried about to him (my dad) when it happened," said Triplett. “My dad graduated the same year with me so we both missed out. Now that he's here to see me do it, it's both of us having that experience together.”

Her father, Bobby Triplett, was grateful his daughter finally had the opportunity to walk across the stage to receive her diploma and was happy to be in the crowd supporting her, just as the family did throughout her scholastic journey.

“We've supported her throughout, and there was some hard times for her but she just buckled down, studied harder,” Bobby explained. “This is a proud moment not only for her, but for me as well. Anytime you see one of your kids become successful, it's a blessing and it's a reflection on you. So I'm extremely proud of her.”

“What it comes down to is this day. It comes down to this opportunity to celebrate and recognize the culmination of all of that hard work,” Chancellor Mone added. “We always wanted to be able to do something more. We're very fortunate to be able to plan this and put this together."

The UW-Milwaukee class of 2022 will celebrate in-person graduation at UWM Panther Arena next month.

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