UW-Madison considering scrapping fall rush

MADISON -- A long standing tradition for fraternities and sororities on the UW-Madison campus may be in jeopardy.

A university committee is close to handing over a report to the dean of students, and that report will look at cutting out fall rush for incoming freshmen starting in 2016.

Fraternities say that’s the time where they find most of their new members, and cutting it out could be a big hit for the Greek community.

The university says this report is just taking a look at options, and comparing them to other universities across the country.

“We’re reviewing this and all options are on the table. We may end up deciding after we look at this, you know the way we’re doing it is ok. That we don’t see any reason that it should change at this point.” said Eric Knueve, a UW assistant dean.

University members working on the report say once it is in the hands of Lori Berquam, the dean of students, she will use it as a guideline for a decision. Ultimately she will make the final choice.

She was not available for a comment on this story.

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