USS Milwaukee Commissioned in the Snow

The U.S. Navy's newest ship is officially given its name – the USS Milwaukee.

"Pretty neat looking ship, I know there's a lot of combat upgrades compared to what we used to have. Very interesting, glad to see something like this going on in our Navy nowadays," said Russ Collins a retired Marine from Muskego.

The commissioning ceremony for the USS Milwaukee happened in the city it's named after. It was a snowy setting for this memorable occasion for the Wisconsin built ship. The nearly 400-foot littoral combat ship was built up in Marinette, WI.

The ship will have a crew of 54, but room to add more depending on the mission.

There's also room for a helicopter and many other things "this ship, the 3rd LCS, continues to bring incredible change to our Navy, not just in capabilities, but in the way the Navy conducts business at sea and ashore."

From Milwaukee the ship will make its way to San Diego, California which is where the ship and its crew will be ready to defend our country.

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