U.S. Regulators Recall 1M Samsung Smartphones Due to Fire Hazard

(CBS NEWS) Nearly a week after warning U.S. consumers to stop using the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones made by Samsung Electronics, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of about 1 million of the high-end devices because of serious fire and burn hazards. 

This is “such a serious fire hazard I urge all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away,” Elliot Kaye, chairman of the CPSC told a news conference late Thursday. 

Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S., including 26 reports of burns and 55 of property damage from fires in cars and a garage, the agency said.

The agency advised consumers to contact their wireless carrier or a Samsung retail outlet to get a new, free phone with a different battery, a refund or a replacement device.

The recall involves phones purchased before Sept. 15, 2016.   

To determine if their devices were part of the recall, consumers were advised to locate a number on the back of the smartphones and call Samsung toll-free at 844-365-6197 or enter the number into an online registration site: www.samsung.com.

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