UPS driver surprises 5-year-old boy with his own official truck for birthday

1010 WINS-A dream came true for five-year-old James Walker when his best friend, a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver named Kellie Martin, arrived with a special birthday gift — his very own miniature delivery truck.

James, who lives in a rural area of North Carolina, developed a special friendship with Kellie after realizing he couldn’t be Santa Claus until his hair turned grey. So, ever since, he’s become a super-fan of the big brown truck and its friendly operator.

When James told Kellie that he wanted to be a UPS driver when he grows up — she began fostering that dream for him, nominating the boy for the company’s ‘Wishes Delivered’ campaign which, among other unique surprises, gives mini-UPS replica trucks to deserving children and organizations around the world.

Since receiving his new set of wheels, James loves to drive around his neighborhood delivering packages all day, to the extent that his mom Lauren says she often has to push it home after running out of batteries.

The friendship isn’t only just for James – Kellie says that he blesses her heart every time she pulls up to his home and that she’s simply driving her big truck until it’s time for James to take her job.

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