UPDATE: Tosa PD and DNR discuss Coyote Problem

Wauwatosa Police and the DNR met Wednesday morning about the city's recent coyote problem. Over the past week, two dogs have been mauled by the coyotes and residents fear for more attacks.

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Tosa Police want to make sure the public does not feed wildlife of any kind, reminding the public it is illegal to feed wildlife for non hunting purposes, and it's illegal to feed any wildlife in Milwaukee county which also includes deer.

The DNR is telling the public to bring your dog and cat food inside and do not leave pets outside, especially between dusk and dawn when coyotes are most active. When you are outside, it is recommended to act big and make loud noises. The DNR wants the coyotes to become afraid of humans again.

If you are out walking with a pet, the recommend bringing a walking stick or whistle or anything that will make noise to scare the animals away.

The Wauwatosa Police Department will be going door to door in some communities to make sure residents are educated about how to protect their pets.

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