Update Photo May Not be the First Image of Tornado that Occurred in Brandon

UPDATE: The National Weather Service said the image may not be of the tornado.

ORIGINAL: The National Weather Service in Milwaukee has released on twitter the first image of the May 27 tornado in Brandon. 

According to National Weather Service's website, an EF1 tornado occurred in the Village of Brandon on Friday, May 27.

NWS damage survey team confirmed the tornado was on the ground for approximately 4.5 miles, snapping trees and branches, and causing roof and window damage to houses. Some power lines were also downed.

The tornado started about one-half mile south of the Brandon town center, south of the junction of Pheasant Dr. and Upland Dr. It ended along Reeds Corner Rd., east of Brandon Rd. This tornado was on the ground from 5:35 PM to 5:52 PM.

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