Update on the monthly data and daylight

Can you believe we are almost half over with the month of August? Remember that the end of August is the unofficial end of summer, and the third week of September brings the astronomical end to summer. Enjoy it! Temperatures have been running a little above normal this month with a few more warm days on tap this week, especially early on. The rain has been beneficial as well with the tally up to average with over an inch and a half this month. This is great news considering where we ended off last month, almost an inch below normal.

So folks might not want to hear this, yet it’s my job to talk about it! We are losing over two and a half minutes of sunlight per day. The first 13 days has led to almost 30 minutes of last daylight. Let’s put it into perspective; this past Friday was the last sunset after 8 pm, and this Saturday will be the last sunset before 6 am until late next spring. If that’s not an indicator that fall is approaching, I am not sure what is.

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