UPAF Ride for the Arts bicycle giveaway

MILWAUKEE-It's one of the nation's largest bike rides and it's here in our hometown..

So, If you do decide to pedal in this Sunday's UPAF Ride for the Arts, you could be in the running to win a top of the line sport and comfort bike.

The prizes just one of the many ways founding sponsor Wheel and Sprocket has found to bring added excitement to this annual tradition.


\"It brings out thousands and thousands of people on bikes,\" exclaimed an excited Amelia Kegel of Wheel and Sprocket. \"It's a great kick off to the start of the season.\"

The money raised  keeps local fine arts programs running all year long.

Providing support to groups that have no other way to reach people in their neighborhood were it not for the generation donations raised through registration fees and pledges.

The ride is celebrating its  34th year and the idea is to get the whole family involved.

No matter what your skill level there's a route for you.

And if you run into trouble there are pit crews stationed throughout the city to get you on the move to the finish line.


\"Basically we're here for any of the mechanical issues you would have,\" promised Kegel. \"Every rest stop along the way, you can rest assured, even if something breaks down or you get a flat tire, we're here for you.\"


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