Unrelated charges against man last seen with missing woman

MILWAUKEE - Unrelated charges have been filed against a man last seen with a missing woman. 38 year old Kris Zocco is charged with 3 felony drug counts and two misdemeanors. He was apparently the last person to see 27 year old Kelly Dwyer more than a week ago. Police talked with Zocco about the disappearance and that's when they found marijuana, a small amount of cocaine, some prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia at his apartment. According to the criminal complaint, Dwyer used to come to Zocco's eastside apartment a couple times a week to do lines of cocaine. They apparently got together the night before she went missing at his apartment to do drugs. The complaint makes no mention about when or how she left the apartment. Zocco has posted the 5 thousand dollar bond on the unrelated charges and jail officials say they expect him to be released sometime on Monday.


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