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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students participate in active shooter training course

Some University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students learn strategies on dealing with an active shooter situation during a training session held on campus Thursday night. 

Alyssa Josephs says she had never attended a training class like it before and it helped ease her mind if the unthinkable were to happen.

"I feel like I'm a lot more prepared now than I was before and I feel like I would be able to react in a situation in a better way," Josephs said.

UWM Officer Craig Rafferty taught the course using the "avoid, deny, defend" model, which is similar to the "run, hide, fight" method of training. 

Arming teachers with guns has been a hot button debate recently.

Rafferty says he has some concerns with implementing that in schools.

"Looking from a law enforcement side, we have to address the issue that when we come into a hot zone in an active shooter situation are we not always going to know the bad guy from the good guy and that's kind of the dilemma that we may be having," Rafferty said. "Are the persons going to be trained and understand the dynamics of an active shooter situation?"

These training sessions are held several times a year on campus.


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