University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Dorm Director Questioned after Sending Students a "Tips" Email

A dorm director at a college in Wisconsin sent an email to students giving them tips on how to give women orgasms.

Jude Legiste sent the message last Wednesday to students at "Drake Hall" at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

He said  he wants to be honest about what he calls "the orgasm deficit” and was trying to start a conversation about how women are treated.

The University's Chancellor said sending an email was not the way to go about discussing the issue

"In the interest of provoking some discussion, really about why we don't talk about sexuality but it really wasn't the way to do that. you should have a ability for people if they want to do a discussion they can do it. And to just send them an e-mail out of the blue,  I think people were quite shocked and rightfully so and it was inappropriate," Joe Gow, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor.

Legiste has apologized to the students.

The chancellor says he was reprimanded and he understands what he did was wrong.

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