UnitedHealthcare teams up with Roundy's to offer discount on healthy foods

Starting this month, people in Wisconsin who are enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare fully insured employer-sponsored health plan will be able to purchase healthier foods at discounted prices through the Healthy Savings program.

Healthy Savings, offered at no cost and sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, provides potential savings of more than $150 a month on prequalified healthy foods from more than 140 food producers, manufacturers and distributors. The technology behind the program is powered by Solutran Inc., an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) company. 

“Healthy Savings gives people the opportunity to make healthier food choices and improve their diets, which will make a tremendous difference in their health and well-being,” said Dustin Hinton, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin. “This new program now makes it easier and more affordable for Wisconsin families.” 

Eligible UnitedHealthcare plan participants will receive a Healthy Savings card in the mail in early February. After their card is activated, participants will be able to shop for the promoted healthy foods and scan their card during checkout at 119 Roundy's Supermarkets locations in Wisconsin.

With the Healthy Savings program there is no clipping, printing or downloading of coupons, as discounts are preloaded on the program card each week. Shoppers can view the discounted grocery items by visiting the weekly selection at www.uhcwihealthysavings.com. The weekly discounted items will be updated every Sunday.

The Healthy Savings website also enables people to find nearby participating grocery stores, track accumulated savings through the program, view health information on serving sizes and portions, and the ability to create a shopping list and find recipes using healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Promotional discounts are offered on products that are in the healthiest one-third of items in a grocery store, and savings range from $30 to $70 each week. Healthy Savings offers discounts on items such as milk, wheat bread, lean meats, yogurt and produce from more than 140 brands. The food items are measured by the nationally renowned Guiding Stars nutrition guidance system, which rates the nutritional quality of food using information from the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list.

“Over the past 18 months, we have watched the program help break down the barrier of the high cost of healthier food and have achieved industry-leading engagement rates,” said Chad Kelly, general manager of Healthy Savings. “We look forward to working with UnitedHealthcare to help even more people eat healthier.”

UnitedHealthcare serves more than 1.4 million people in Wisconsin with a care provider network of 137 hospitals and more than 20,000 physicians statewide.

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