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Uncle has message to suspect in the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer

MILWAUKEE-Kris Zocco, the last person believed to have seen Kelly Dwyer was in court again Friday on child porn charges.

He's not charged in connection with the Dwyer disappearance. But that didn't stop Dwyer's uncle from showing up in hopes of finding some closure.

\"We we're hoping for an early birthday present for Kelly,\" John Van Leur told CBS 58 News. \"She would have been 28 on September 27th.\"

Instead, the child porn case against Kris Zocco is bogged down by motions. An opportunity to pressure him to give up more about what happened the last time he was with  Dwyer had passed again.

\"We have no justice,\" Van Leur said after the proceedings. \"The only guy who probably knows where Kelly is won't talk unless he's absolutely forced to.\"

A judge denied a defense request to throw out the search warrants that gave police access to Zocco's apartment while searching for Dwyer. That's when the child porn was found.

There was some mention in court about long rumored surveillance video of the two the last time they were together, but the defense attorney, Michael Levine,  would not entertain any questions about the Dwyer case.

\"There's no case related to a missing person here, so I'm not going to comment on that\".


So, that left Kelly Dwyer's uncle to answers questions and offer some messages just in case Zocco might be watching.

\"My message to my pal Kris would be, you can't hide behind your father's money and your mother's skirt for the rest of your life. Sooner or later you're going to get nailed for something. When you do go to prison those bad boys are going to be lining up. And you'll be on your own, Kris. Just like Kelly's on her own.\"


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