UBEReats Kicks Off In Milwaukee

UBER is getting into the food business. The ride sharing service is bringing UBER eats to Wisconsin.

UBER eats is an app similar to its sister app, but instead of transporting humans, it delivers food.

Users just have to use the app or visit ubereats.com, and place an order form one of the more than 70 restaurants currently participating in Milwaukee County.

Customers can then watch the order being picked up and delivered to their door.

Restaurants are excited about reaching new customers, and UBER says it has already revolutionized the way people eat in more than 60 cities across the globe.

“I think the sky is the limit. You can order food now on your phone and it’s delivered right to your house. I think it’s a new and exciting way to get food,” said Michael Holz, Executive Chef of Brunch.

“This is really growing like wildfire and it’s really exciting to be a part of. So we are hoping in Milwaukee too that this becomes a part of peoples everyday lives,” said Peter Forsberg, General Manager of UberEats Wisconsin.

Besides the cost of food, there is a $4.99 booking and delivery fee.

Right now the service is only available in Milwaukee County, but depending on the reception, UBER hopes to expand further in the state.

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