Two-Year-Old Milwaukee Boy Victim of Accidental Shooting

NOW: Two-Year-Old Milwaukee Boy Victim of Accidental Shooting

Milwaukee Police are investigating an accidental shooting of a 2-year old child.   The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m., Tuesday in a home at  N. 36th and W Townsend Streets. The victim, a 2-year-old boy, is being treated at an area hospital for a non-life threatening injury. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still being investigated, but according to the Milwaukee Police, the gun was apparently left in a bedroom where the child could reach it and the child accidentally shot himself.   The child’s 29-year-old father was arrested but no charges have been filed.  The case will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s  office in the coming days.

"We feel like to avoid that type of tragedy that we should put more gun locks out here on the street so people will think twice before leaving their gun unlocked and unattended around their children," said Devin Davis, President, Youth Action Council. 

Master Lock is donating 1,000 gun locks and the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention is giving $9,000 to WestCare Wisconsin’s Youth Advisory Council in support of their successful, ongoing “Love Up, Lock Down” campaign to promote gun safety. The WestCare Wisconsin Youth advisory Council will create youth street outreach teams who will spend the summer educating gun owners about gun safety and providing free gun locks.

"I could have been two. I could've been a child and killed myself, shot myself in the head playing with an unlocked gun," said Simon Settles, Vice President/Secretary, Youth Action Council. 

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