Two stolen car crashes in 15 minutes, victims speak out

NOW: Two stolen car crashes in 15 minutes, victims speak out

Milwaukee police are investigating two separate stolen car crashes that happened in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon.

The two crashes happened within 15 minutes and in one case, a 12-year-old girl was sent to the hospital.

According to police, the first crash happened around 3:40 near N. 27th  and Highland Blvd.

“My God works in mysterious ways, and that was him cause it could've been worse,” the victim, who didn’t want to be identified, told CBS 58.

A quick drive to pick up kids from summer school, turned in to a terrifying crash for the Milwaukee mom. A stolen car blew through a red light and sent the victim’s car in to a nearby building.

“We pushed on the brakes, we tried to stop, we couldn't stop so we ended up swerving all the way up to here,” the victim said.

The victim says a young man and woman got out of the car and ran. The woman's 12 year old daughter was in the car and went to the hospital with minor injuries.

“These young people, stop, think about what you're about to do cause you never know who's life you're gonna take,” the victim said.

And as police investigated this scene, another stolen car crash, 15 minutes later at Martin Luther King Jr. and Keefe.

I saw this van coming through the red light and it kept coming,” said Robin Cross, the victim in the crash. “I swerved to miss it, and all of a sudden I'm up on the curb.”

Cross says six kids, he guesses between 13 and 16, took off and never checked to see if he was ok.

“[They] didn't care. Got out of the van and ran like rats.” Cross said. “A lot of people I talk to, my age, are afraid to drive on the streets in the middle of the day.”

Victims in both crashes want city leaders to step up and do something about the stolen car problem.

“The mayor's gotta do something about it,” Cross said. “It's ridiculous.”

“Everybody voicing their opinion about what needs to be done but ain't nobody taking action,” the other victim added.

Wauwatosa police joined Milwaukee police on the scene of the Martin Luther King Jr. and Keefe crash. It’s unclear at this time if the van or suspects in that crash are connected to any of the six Wauwatosa carjackings that happened in the last week.

Milwaukee police are investigating both crashes.

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