Two shootings only minutes and blocks apart on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) -- Three people were wounded in two separate shootings less than a half hour apart early Sunday morning in Milwaukee.   And the shootings happened just blocks away from each other.

Around 2:25 AM, two 17-year-old men were shot in the area of N 12th Street and W Concordia Avenue.   According to the Milwaukee Police, the shooting happened inside a home in the area, but details of the shooting are still being investigated.   The two victims were taken to a local hospital by the Milwaukee Fire Department with what is described as non-fatal gunshot wounds.

Less than a half-hour later and only four blocks away, a 32-year-old man was shot while inside his vehicle which then crashed into a fence.   The shooting happened around 2:50 AM at N 9th and W Ring Streets.   The victim’s wound while not fatal is described as serious.  He was taken to a local hospital by the Milwaukee Fire Department.   The shooting is still under investigation.

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