Two of three suspects in Laylah Petersen case ordered to trial

Carl Barrett and Paul Farr will go to trial for their roles in Laylah Petersen's murder last year.  Barrett faces first-degree reckless homicide and Farr faces felony charges for aiding felons.  The third suspect, Arlis Gordon, is being held in an Illinois jail.  He also faces a homicide charge.  

A Milwaukee Police Detective described the evidence against each suspect.  The detective described how Barrett told others he unloaded his clip at the house that night.  Farr said he didn't know what happened when Barrett and Gordon got out of his car, fired shots, and got back in quickly.  His attorney argued there wasn't enough evidence to prove Farr knew what happened.  The court commissioner didn't buy that.

“The minute they got out of his presence, he could have called the police," Commissioner Barry Phillips said.  "Not doing so, all that time, until now, can be argued, plausibly, that he was aiding felons.”

Gordon could be brought to court later this week.  Laylah Petersen's family will hold a vigil in her honor on November 6.

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