Two Milwaukee-area businesses destroyed by fire in same week

NOW: Two Milwaukee-area businesses destroyed by fire in same week

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An early morning fire at a furniture store is being investigated as arson and it's not the only business to go up in flames this week.

The family that own's Nabil's Furnishings on 27th street is one of two Milwaukee business owners trying to pick up the pieces after unexpected and devastating fires this week. 

"I feel bad because everything we've been through, we've been building customers and we just lost it," said Suhib Hussein with Nabil's Furnishings.

Nabil's Furnishings went up in flames just before 2 a.m. on Friday. Around the same time, two cars at the Hussein family home were also sent on fire. The Fire Department confirms that an arson investigation is underway. Hussein says that he thinks he knows who is responsible.

"We have enemies," he said. 

Right now the family is hoping for donations to help them recover. If you would like to donate, click here.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Milwaukee, another business owner is trying to pick up the pieces after a fire tore through her store on Wednesday. 

"You can try to figure out what happened, you know what started it if it was an accident," said business owner Karen Long.

Police are still trying to figure out what started the fire at Garden of Eden Kingdom Living earlier this week. Long believes that it was accidental. She says her business will be torn down and she's treating this bad fortune as a new opportunity.

"It means start over so diligently moving, I haven't sat down to stop moving," said Long.

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