Two men steal 62 scratch offs from West Allis gas station

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- West Allis Police confirm that 62 lottery game tickets were stolen on March 12 from the Speedway on Oklahoma Avenue.

Around midnight two men went behind the counter and stole the lottery tickets while the clerk was in another part of the store. They stole multiple scratch off games like Megacrossword and Cashingo.

Three hours later the two men came back to the store and stole more lottery tickets.

The suspects are described as white men in their early 30s. One suspect is described as thin with black hair and mustache, and wore a red and black flannel coat with blue jeans and a blue baseball hat. The other is medium build with short black hair and was wearing all black

It is the responsibility of the store to report the tickets as stolen to Wisconsin Lottery which would mean the thieves couldn't win even if they get a winner.

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