Two MCTS Drivers Save Life of Man Overdosing

Two MCTS Drivers are being credited for helping save a man who they found behind the wheel of his car, unconscious and in the middle of the street. New driver Precious Bolden and her training instructor Jeannie Mitchell were on the Route 35 near 35th and Lincoln in Milwaukee Thursday morning when Precious passed a car that was stopped in the middle of the street.

“He’s leaned over or something,” Precious said in surveillance video, as she pulled over.

While Precious stayed behind the wheel, Jeannie checked on the man in the car. She tried to wake him up and noticed he was barely breathing. She yelled for Precious to contact dispatch and call for medical help.

“The guy in the middle of the road, he’s slumped over and I had to put the car in park and turn it off,” Jeannie explained to the passengers when she came back on the bus.

Officials at the scene told MCTS the man was not breathing when paramedics arrived. They injected him with Narcan to revive him. Police say the man recovered and was arrested.

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