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Two injured after fire at Fond du Lac elementary school

NOW: Two injured after fire at Fond du Lac elementary school


A fire was reported inside an elementary school in Fond du Lac just before 11:00 AM Thursday morning. According to the fire department's twitter, they responded after a report of a fire in the boiler room of Rosenow School.

Two workers were doing routine repairs on the boiler when one of the gas lines started leaking. Sparks for a welder the workers were using ignited a hose attached to the acetylene tank ruptured starting the fire.

The men tried to put the fire out with an extinguisher but were unable to do so. The workers left the building but then went back in to try and turn off the gas but the fire had spread. 

The men were able to exit the building again, but did breathe in some smoke and sustained minor injuries. Both men were treated on scene and did not go to the hospital. 

The cause of the fire was due to a faulty hose attached to the tank. 

The Fond du Lac Fire Department says initial damages are about $5,000, but will likely increase as other damage is assessed.

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