Two dead and man faces vehicular homicide charges

We now know more about the two people killed in Monday's crash on south 60th street a driver for the online ride service "UBER" and his passenger.
West Allis Police tell us they were killed by a drunk driver who now faces homicide charges. 
CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield has been talking with family members of the victims and she joins us live with their heartbreaking story.
West Allis police say speed and alcohol were a factor in this crash. Today the victim's family member's have started a memorial with balloons and candles..hoping drivers on 60th Street will slow down and sober up. 
A crash that killed two people left a huge dent on this 60th Street sidewalk but a hole in one woman's heart. 
Pointing to a bent piece of metal from his van Tavaree Sly-Lundasi says, "This was my daddy's it ain't gonna bring him back but its something I want to take from here."
She's leaving a memorial for her father - Yoruba Sly-Lundasi. He was the "UBER" driver in the silver minivan that was turning onto 60th. 
"He liked driving for UBER," says Sly-Lundasi. 
Both he and his passenger crushed by a pickup truck that police say slammed into them. 
"People just have to understand if you feel  you can handle being behind the wheel even having one two three drinks it doesn't matter," says Sly-Lundasi. 
The passenger - Ken Johnson whose brother Cody Johnson says is from Chicago but was in town on business for international tax firm KPMG. 
"He was a father, had two wonderful kids. His career path was finally taking off. He had a lot of life ahead of him," says Cody Johnson, the passenger's bother. 
Cody Johnson says he's a recovering alcoholic and will celebrate 4 years of sobriety this week.
However, he believes he owes some of that to his brother. 
"What it boils down to is a choice. Of course I am mad at this individual but at the same time, we make mistakes," says Cody Johnson. 
The 31 year old driving the pickup truck had tailgating equipment. and coolers inside. 
He may now face vehicular homicide charges, but neither Sly-Lundasi or Johnson's family say they wish ill will. 
Just a lesson. 
"The decisions you make it has repercussions and someone is going to suffer drinking behind that wheel," says Sly-Lundasi. 
Many of the people who live here say - speeding is a problem on this road in general. 
Many said - while they were saddened by this crash - unfortunately they weren't surprised. 
They hope this encourages leaders to put up signs, speed bumps or something to slow people down. 

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