Two children shot overnight, Heal the Hood stepping up to reduce gun

NOW: Two children shot overnight, Heal the Hood stepping up to reduce gun

Milwaukee police is investigating ten shootings in the last day and a half. There are thirteen victims in total including two who were killed. Thirteen were injured including two children under the age of ten. 

On Saturday, an seven year old girl was outside playing in an alley when she was shot near Keefe Avenue. Later that night, an eight year old boy was shot after a fight escalated on Kaul Avenue around 8 p.m.

Jessica Butler is part of Heal the Hood campaign that is dedicated to stopping violence like this. 

"It's hurtful to know that kids are around guns that are not locked and all sorts of things are happening and it's so reckless. I wish, I wish we could be everywhere all the time. Just so people can feel safe," said Butler. 

On Saturday, hundreds of people came out to the 6th annual Heal the Hood Block Party. It was a family-friendly event to encourage peace in Milwaukee. Gun locks were handed out to keep guns out of the wrong hands and to help keep the community safe. 

Butler said the highlight of the day was to see the kids play without fear at the block party but the work to end gun violence is not over.

Heal the Hood will be having four events in different districts:

June 24th -  30th and North Avenue. 

July 29th - Maple Tree Elementary School

August 25/26th – Moody Park neighborhood

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