Two charged in connection with 2017 armed robberies, shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Two men are charged in connection with three armed robberies and a shooting last year.  

Marcus Harris Jr., 28, and Timothy Nelson, 28, both of Milwaukee, face armed robbery and gun charges.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspects robbed two victims at gunpoint outside the 42nd Street Bar and Grill on June 3.

Harris is also accused of robbing a man at gunpoint and shooting a woman on June 22nd in the area of N. 40th Street and W. North Avenue.

Police also say that in November Harris stole a watch from his ex-girlfriend, pointing a gun at her and her sister while they were in a car. A toddler and two other babies were inside the car at the time of the robbery, according to the complaint.

After developing Harris as a suspect, police executed a search warrant at Harris’ residence in November where officers reported seeing Harris running through a child’s bedroom to try to get away. While there, officers said they found a semi-automatic handgun and 22 9mm cartridges next to an extended magazine. They also found the watch what was reported stolen by Harris’ girlfriend.

Following Harris’ arrest, the complaint goes on to say that while his DNA was being collected, he told officers “I should have shot y’all. The first one that came through the door, I should have shot him in the face. I hate the [expletive] police.” Once Harris’ DNA was collected, he then asked, “When can I get my gun back? I want my gun back.”

Harris was previously convicted of a gun charge in 2007.

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