Complaint: Cousins charged in pizza delivery driver's death, admitted to robbing another driver

Complaint: Cousins charged in pizza delivery driver’s death, admitted to robbing another driver

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Two cousins are now charged in connection with the deadly shooting of a delivery driver on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

According to the criminal complaint, 25-year-old D'Andre Kennedy and 17-year-old Mekael Kennedy were involved in the fatal shooting death of 60-year-old Clarence Taper on September 15 while trying to rob him at an apartment building near 75th Street, north of Brown Deer Road. 

According to the complaint, a delivery driver for Papa John's was also held up at gunpoint near 75th and Brown Deer Road three days earlier on September 12. The complaint alleges someone wearing a Jason mask pointed a gun in his face and said: "Give me the money and everything." The delivery driver ran away after they took his phone and pizza bag.

The fatal shooting of Clarence Taper happened just a few days later in the same area. On September 15, officers responded to a multi-unit apartment building where they found Taper's body in a hallway on the ground floor.

During the investigation, police learned that Taper was a delivery driver for Buddy's Pizza. An employee of the restaurant said that a large amount of food was ordered for an address on 76th Street. A call was placed to the restaurant shortly after and the woman asked if delivery drivers carry guns. The employee told the caller "no" and she then called and told two of the restaurant's drivers to be careful. She did not call Taper because she was didn't know he was making a delivery. 

A witness told police he saw the delivery driver standing by the entrance doors, heard someone say "give me the money," and heard a shot ring out. 

Video from the building helped to identify D'Andre and Mekael Kennedy.

Mekael admitted to police that he was responsible for the robbery but didn't know the driver was dead. He also told police that he got kicked out of his home and he needed the money. 

Police say Mekael told them that he was also involved in the armed robbery of the Papa John's delivery driver.

D'Andre told police that the gun used belongs to him and that he helped clean the gun of fingerprints. 

See the full criminal complaint below.

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