'Tuckers Truck Driving Academy' opens in Dineen Park neighborhood

NOW: ’Tuckers Truck Driving Academy’ opens in Dineen Park neighborhood

A successful small business in Jefferson County is opening a new location on Milwaukee's north side.

Melvin Tucker is at the helm of 'Tuckers Truck Driving Academy.' He started the business in order to train those who wish to have a career in commercial truck driving.

A grand opening was held this morning near 71st and Capitol. Tucker has more than a million miles of accident-free truck driving. With this experience, he'll train others on driver safety and various aspects of the trucking industry.

"We came here to offer opportunities to the city of Milwaukee. It's a 4-week course, very intense, but we have a 98% graduation rate," said owner Melvin Tucker.

Alderman Cavalier Johnson was also at the grand opening. He says the academy is along a busy commercial area that he hopes to develop into a business improvement district. 

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