TSA announces new security procedures

NOW: TSA announces new security procedures


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – If you’re flying to your holiday destination this year, there are some new airport security requirements that could slow you down if you aren’t prepared.

A new TSA rule is now requiring all passengers to take any electronics bigger than a cell phone out of their bags and put them into a bin for screening, including tablets, e-readers, and cameras.

All you have to do is put your devices in a bin with nothing on top of them.

The TSA has slowly been introducing this new procedure at General Mitchell since November, but by the first of the year all passengers will be required to take out their large electronics.

It’s an item that somebody with ill intent would like to secrete something so that allows again our x-ray operators to look at that item in the bin itself just like we’ve done historically with laptop computers.

The TSA may now also ask you to take food items out of your carry-on to be screened. They suggest making items that need to be screened easily accessible in your bag so you don’t have to dig them out in line.

On the busiest days this holiday season, the TSA expects to screen 13,000 passengers.  They suggest arriving 2 hours before your flight.

The new security changes do not apply to TSA pre-check passengers. If you would like to enroll in pre-check, the airport is having sign-up sessions next week.

For more information about what is allowed in a checked bag, carry-on, or not at all, please click here.

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