"Trump Victory" campaign targets Wisconsin, touts local economy

NOW: “Trump Victory“ campaign targets Wisconsin, touts local economy

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Inpro Corp Chairman Steve Vigler says this has been their biggest growth year in decades, and he credits savings from the Trump tax cuts.

"We have more money to hire more people next year," Vigler said. "We have more money to buy computers and buy machinery, and we just have more money to grow."

The 650-worker company was able to make 50 new hires last year.

Rep. Bryan Steil held a round-table Wednesday to highlight the local economy.

"Putting in things like the tax reform that the president did, that actually is growing jobs, growing wages right here in Wisconsin," Steil said.

Steil hosted the event as one of 30 "America is Open for Business" events in the country. The events are part of the Trump Victory operation and targeted different things in the 17 states they were held in.

"The real world impact of the abstract policy that we're putting in place in Washington is critical to see first hand," Steil said. "And it's important to understand that because that's what this upcoming election is going to be about."

But democrats say the Trump economy is not working for the middle class.  Wisconsin Democrats Trump Rapid Response Director Philip Shulman says the tax cuts mostly helped businesses, and the trade war is hurting Wisconsin.

"It's really hurting our farmers, our manufacturers, our small businesses, and that in turn is hurting our consumers. If you have a weekly grocery budget, it's going to be harder and harder to meet that budget."

The Republican National Committee says the "Open for Business" campaign was paired with a six figure ad purchase.

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