Trump, Clinton each win 3 states; John Kasich wins Ohio; Marco Rubio Ends Campaign

MIAMI (AP) — Republican Donald Trump is claiming victories in North Carolina, Illinois and Florida. His rout in Florida, the home of Marco Rubio, effectively ended the senator's White House bid. Trump told a victory rally that "something is happening" in the Republican Party that is being noticed "all over the world."

 Democrat Hillary Clinton has won at least three primaries: Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. And she's widened her delegate lead over Bernie Sanders. Speaking to her supporters, Clinton did not mention Donald Trump by name. She did say any president would have to keep the country safe, make "positive changes" in people's lives and unite the country.

Republican John Kasich's White House bid remains alive. The Ohio governor won the primary in his home state. In an obvious poke at Donald Trump, Kasich said he won't take the "low road" and told a crowd, "The campaign goes on."

Republican Marco Rubio is effectively calling it quits, having lost the primary in his home state of Florida to Donald Trump. Rubio spoke over boos from the audience as he congratulated Trump. Rubio said he would offer "a prayer" for the eventual GOP nominee, but did not suggest it would be Trump.

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