Trump campaign's legal bills cost Milwaukee County taxpayers $120K

NOW: Trump campaign’s legal bills cost Milwaukee County taxpayers $120K

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The legal bills from the Trump campaign's efforts to undo Wisconsin's election last fall have started to roll in.

Milwaukee County taxpayers are on the hook for $120,000.

The county hired an outside law firm to help it in both state and federal court.

The county's chief lawyer says they may ask a federal judge to order the Trump campaign to reimburse the county for some of its legal costs.

"Every court that has looked at these election cases have rejected the claims, and is $120,000 too high a price to ensure that voters have confidence in their election outcomes? I think most people would say no," said Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel Margaret Daun.

The Trump campaign appealed both of its cases involving Milwaukee County to the US Supreme Court.

The justices have not decided whether they will hear either case.

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