Trump campaign kicks off national 'Women for Trump' bus tour in Milwaukee area

NOW: Trump campaign kicks off national ’Women for Trump’ bus tour in Milwaukee area

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The “Women for Trump” bus campaign chose the Milwaukee area for its first stop since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The bus started at a church in Milwaukee, and made its way to Port Washington Thursday, with campaign leaders hoping to send a message to Wisconsin women.

“By far he is the best choice for women," Women for Trump Co-chair Pam Bondi said. "We saw that women’s unemployment was at an all-time low before we had to artificially shut down.”

The most recent Marquette Law Poll suggests the president has ground to make up. Democratic nominee Joe Biden lead President Donald Trump by 15 points, 52%-37%.

“I was with the president on the campaign trail in 2016, and I think the numbers said the same thing," Bondi said. "And I never doubted for a second that we were going to be fine.”

Biden and Trump are virtually tied among white women without a college degree, with Biden holding a slim 44%-43% lead, but white women with a college degree supported Biden by a 60%-36% margin in the last Marquette Law Poll. There are not enough minority female respondents in a single poll to create accurate data, according to director Charles Franklin.

UWM professor Mordecai Lee said there’s a reason the campaign began it’s nationwide tour in suburban Milwaukee.

“Wisconsin is going to elect the next president, and within wisconsin, college educated women are going to elect the next president. So that’s what we’re seeing going on today.”

The Biden for President campaign sent us the statement "Donald Trump will always put his own divisive interests ahead of Wisconsin women and families. His dangerous push to repeal the affordable care act would kick more than 200,000 wisconsinites off their health insurance and bring us back to the days where being a woman itself was considered a pre-existing condition."

The bus will continue touring the state and will end up at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention in Green Bay over the weekend.

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