Trial starts for former MPD officer accused of felony misconduct in office

MILWAUKEE -- Rodney Lloyd is accused of slamming a handcuffed man's head into a concrete wall.  The former Milwaukee Police officer Rodney Lloyd faces a felony charge for miscondcuct in public office.

Jury selection started Monday morning.  The incident happened last june - it was captured on surveillance video too.  He was booking Alejandro Lafrenier for a domestic violence complaint.

After taking Lafrenier into the booking room, he shoved him headfirst into the wall.

The criminal complaint says the audio from the video clearly identifies the sound of the man's head hitting the wall.

It's likely the video will be shown during the trial.

The complaint also notes that after the man hit the wall he was dazed and asked officer Lloyd what was wrong.  Lloyd responded by saying that earlier the man had said he could \"take Lloyd out.\"

Lloyd was discharged from the Milwaukee Police Department in January.

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