Traffic Switch along US-45 SB set to begin for Thursday Morning Commute

Beginning Wednesday night US-45 SB from Watertown Plank the Zoo Interchange will close for a traffic switch during the overnight hours.  Once that reopens at 5 a.m. Thursday, the Watertown Plank Rd. on ramp to US-45 southbound will no longer have access to the I-94 eastbound ramp  at the Zoo Interchange.

This closure will remain in place until Summer 2017 and is all part of the Zoo Interchange Construction Project.

Hwy 100 and 84th St. will be your main detours during this closure.

This traffic switch also means that drivers will need to commit to the downtown I-94 eastbound system ramp a mile earlier than they did before.  If you want to continue toward the downtown area, plan on getting over to the left lane near Watertown Plank Rd.

As we have seen before with a major closure comes a reopening.  This time the US-45 southbound exit ramp to Bluemound Rd. will reopen by 5 a.m. Thursday.  Drivers can take full advantage of this ramp for the Morning Commute at that time.

With the countless construction projects currently underway throughout the area be sure to pack your patience and plan on extra time.  

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