Traffic Alert: DOT announces changes for Zoo Interchange traffic

The Department of Transportation announced changes for the Zoo Interchage project starting Wednesday (Aug. 19). The date depends on the weather, said Mark Kilstein, project manager for the Zoo Interchange project.

Three changes: 

  • Bluemound Rd. exit will open on US 45 Southbound
  • I-94 East entrance ramps on Watertown Plank Road
  • DOT moving that ramp ¾ of a mile north.

\"When you are entering 45 South from Watertown Plank there won't be any more access there,” Kilstein said. “You'll have to go to 84th street or Highway 100 and get to those ramp areas to get to where you are going.\"

The reason behind these decisions is to open up new work zones.

\"We are always trying to maintain traffic as best we can but we still have to get the job done,\" Kilstein said.

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