Town of Lisbon may soon vote on new rules regarding grass length

NOW: Town of Lisbon may soon vote on new rules regarding grass length

TOWN OF LISBON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As it turns out, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

In the Town of Lisbon, board members could vote on new rules about people's lawns. They are cutting back on how tall the grass is allowed to grow.

If the rain has been good, Matt Riesen might have to mow his grass 2 to 3 times a week which is a time commitment of just over an hour each cut job.

"Depending on the time of the year, Spring it's more often. Summer is probably once a week," Riesen said.

Other areas look more neglected. Just a few blocks away off Norwauk Road in the Riverglen Neighborhood, patches of grass grow well above what the village allows.

"By way of State Statute we have to have somebody who goes out and monitors the weeds within the town and that's the weed commissioner. So what we're trying to do is, under his hat, is have somebody who's in the community, on the streets, monitoring the situation," said Matthew Jancke, Town Administrator.

The Weed Commissioner would have authority not only over noxious weeds but over grass as well. The new allowed grass length would be more in line with the City of Waukesha ordinance and eight inches would be the max height. The Town Clerk expects the rule will mostly be applied on vacant lots.

Matt Riesen says it isn't a common issue.

The agenda item was tabled on Tuesday but will return in the coming months. 

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