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Tough call for Greenfield Firefighters on duck rescue

NOW: Tough call for Greenfield Firefighters on duck rescue

Greenfield -

Heroics come in all forms and Greenfield firefighters were ready to answer the call of some stuck ducks.

Some ducklings had fallen into the sewer but there's a twist to the story we never anticipated.

This all unfolded along Honey Creek Driver near Elm Dale Elementary School.

Firefighters were able to scoop up several of the baby ducks, but there was one that was just too far away.

They tried to coax the duck closer so they could get to him.

But in the end they had to make the tough call to leave the duck be.

The hope is that he will waddle his way to the nearby creek.

The mother duck and other siblings lingered at the scene, perhaps hoping the duckling would emerge.

Eventually, firefighters had to convince them to move on to some safer confines nearby.

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