Tornado Warning for Arkansas Accidentally Made Over PA System at Merill Walmart

MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) -- A glitch at the home office for Walmart caused a tornado warning announcement for Arkansas to air over the PA system in Merill, Wisconsin, according to WSAW.

Wednesday around 5 p.m. customers were asked to abandon their carts and head to a back room in the store due to a tornado warning.

A customer told WSAW two announcements were made over the PA system announcing the tornado warning. Customers were allowed to leave voluntarily.

Merrill Police Captain Corey Bennett said their agency responded Wednesday because a customer was concerned about employees running to the back of the store. Captain Bennett staff was then asked to make announcement about the mixed up. He said the warning from Walmart was intended for a Walmart in Arkansas.

Management at the Merrill Walmart declined to comment on the incident.

The temperature in Merrill around that time was 27 degrees, with winds gust of 23 m.p.h.

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