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Tony Romo earns mostly positive reviews from first NFL game color commentary

The reviews are in for Tony Romo's broadcasting debut and...

...it's been overwhelmingly positive.

In many cases the Burlington-native was calling plays before they happened. The performance earned praise from viewers and people in sports media.

And yes - he even got people in his hometown to watch a game that maybe they otherwise wouldn't have interest in: Raiders vs. Titans.

Steve Tenhagen is head football coach at Burlington High School. He said that he knew that's Romo's analysis would be strong.

"He was recognizing personnel groupings, formations, and calling plays and recognizing some stuff. Like he was breaking down this game like he was playing in it," Tenhagen said.

"That's something we talk about every week. And, you know, we spend a lot of time in our preparation in the film room with the guys and we put a requirement in the amount of time watching the game film. And we really teach them to look for those little things that would give him or them or us a competitive advantage in situations," Tenhagen said.

Earlier this month, Romo also told CBS 58 he called three games with Jim Nantz - unbroadcasted ahead of the season.

Romo will be calling two games at Lambeau Field including the 9/24 game when the Green Bay Packers take on the Cincinnati Bengals and the 9/28 game when the Packers take on the Chicago Bears.

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