Toddler Dies in House Fire Near 45th and Center

UPDATE: The Milwaukee Fire Department tells us a family made it out of their burning home on the 2600 block of 45th Street safely, but sadly, their 18 month old child did not. 

The fire department told us when they heard a baby was inside, firefighters tore into that home even before a truck with a hose arrived. 

"I can tell you we put forth an extraordinary effort...even in full turn out gear he wasn't able to advance to search anything but a couple feet of the second floor," said Ralph Gallow, second battalion chief. 

They say heavy smoke was pouring out of the second floor, so hot they say it literally chased the family out of their home. 

You can see it in this video captured by neighbors who tell us there were some adults and two other children in the home, but they were old enough that they could walk and escape.

They think the fire started on the second floor in the front of the home and that is where they found the 18 month old baby in the living room. 
Neighbors say it was terrifying to stand by, unable to help this family. 

"Apparently someone else thought someone else has the little one and it wasn't until they got outside that they realized the little one was unaccounted for," said Gallow. 

A neighbor told us, "It is very sad. I was crying; it's sad. I can't even imagine if it was any one of my kids," she said. 

At this point they don't know what caused the fire but say they didn't see any smoke detectors in the home.   

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