Titans, Vikings shut down in-person activities after positive COVID-19 tests

MINNESOTA/TENNESSEE (CBS 58) -- The Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings shut down in-person activities after the Titans reported three positive COVID-19 tests. 

It's the first outbreak of Coronavirus in the National Football League. 

The two teams played each other Sunday, Sept. 27 in Minneapolis. 

The Vikings, as of Tuesday, Sept. 29, say they've received no positive results from any player on the team. The suspended their in-person activities as a precaution. 

With Wisconsin, specifically in the Green Bay area, being a new COVID-19 hot spot, Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur wants his players to be vigilant to protect themselves. 

"We always have to be very mindful of where we're at, 'cause all it takes is one guy," said LaFleur. 

Prior to the news, the NFL reported zero positive tests for players in its most recent testing data around the league. 


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