Ticketmaster Experiences "Unprecedented Demand" for Information about the Settlement

After recently settling a lawsuit, Ticketmaster posted on its Facebook page the company has received "unprecedented demand for information related to the Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster settlement."

The company said it is experiencing a high call volume and appreciates patience. 

On the Facebook post, customers expressed their frustration over error messages when trying to redeem voucher and the lack of available options to use their vouchers. 

One Facebook user posted, "How very convenient that these vouchers you were made to release due to the fact that you spent over a decade ripping your customers off are good for random concerts scattered about the nation and in many cases nowhere near most of us."

And another poster said, "Choose an event from the list, get error message when redeeming: "We're sorry we were not able to redeem your voucher for the following reasons. Please refer to your voucher's conditions of use for further details. Sorry, the voucher code you entered cannot be used to purchase these tickets. Please double check your code and try again. UPS - Ticket Codes" I tried all 34 of my voucher codes, Good Game Servicemaster, Good Game."

(AP) If you bought a ticket through Ticketmaster between late 1999 and early 2013, you could be eligible for free tickets to a number of events.

An email sent to eligible Ticketmaster customers includes instructions on how to get vouchers for free tickets to selected events as well as discounts on Ticketmaster purchases. Those who bought a ticket through the company between October 21, 1999, and February 27, 2013, are eligible. The vouchers expire in four years.

The vouchers are the result of a class-action lawsuit over ticket fees and other charges.

Billboard magazine reports that about 50 million people are in line to receive the vouchers.

Ticketmaster is now part of Beverly Hills-based Live Nation Entertainment Inc.

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