Thousands participate in second annual Milwaukee Women's March

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Today marks one year in office for president Donald Trump.

It's also the anniversary of thousands of women around the world marching in protest of his policies and in support of the #METOO movement.

Thousands flooded the Milwaukee County Courthouse grounds and the streets for the Second Annual Women's March, calling for equal rights and denouncing President Trump.

"I want a global leader and not a creepy tweeter," says one protester. 

Chants, cheers and applause from women, men and children echoed throughout downtown Milwaukee for miles.

"Everyone in this country should be walking today, to talk about the craziness that's going on in Washington," says another protester. 

Milwaukee joins dozens of cities across the country, including two others in Wisconsin, marching for change today.

10-year-old James Pike says he's not too young to take a stand.

"It's really important to respect everybody beacuse we're all equal," says Pike. 

From protesting the defunding of Planned parenthood, to fighting against racism and the end of DACA, speakers of all ages energized the crowd, while news of a government shutdown was still fresh on the minds of many.

"It all stops at the President. He's at the top, he should've negotiated and did the deal," a protester says.

Although the march focused on women, hundreds of men stood in solidarity.

"We all love a mother, a sister. I don't think we'll ever understand what it's like. The trials and tribulations are foreign to us so we just need to be sympathetic," says Marquette students Kyle Martin and Brad Campbell. 

Organizers say the fight doesn't end when people go home tonight.

"This is just the beginning. 2018 is an election year, folks have to get out to the polls. Folks got to be engaging with their elected officials," says Astar Herndon, State Director 9 to 5 Wisconsin. 

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