Thousands of visitors beat the heat at the Wisconsin State Fair

NOW: Thousands of visitors beat the heat at the Wisconsin State Fair

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) High temperatures aren’t stopping tens of thousands of people from heading to day 4 of the Wisconsin State Fair, but visitors are getting some help to beat the heat.

The Salvation Army passed out water to visitors at the Wisconsin State Fair Sunday. At their booth, they say they’ve already handed out thousands of cups of water and have a goal of 82,000 by the end of the fair. Wisconsin State Fair Officials warn visitors to stay hydrated.

“Water, water, water I know people like to have beer when they're here, but make sure you have water too,” Wisconsin State Fair Communications Director Kristi Chuckel said.

They suggest wearing light clothing, and heading to air conditioned buildings when it feels too hot. In addition to free cups of water, there are water fountains located across the fairgrounds and in case of an emergency, Bell Ambulance EMT’s are on the fairgrounds.

For the cows at the fair, they’re getting a cool down too. Owners are spraying down the cows with water to keep them cool.

“Once we hose their legs down, the rest of their body temp goes down and lots of fans, especially for the bigger ones,” Gracie Ziegler said.

For the Schmitt family, they couldn’t be happier heading to the Wisconsin State Fair Sunday, even if it’s 90 degrees outside.

“It's pretty hot,” Visitor Keagan Schmitt said. “All of us have hats on, and we have sun screen on so that's how we're cooling down.”

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