This tiny Scottish island and bird watcher's paradise is looking for a new nurse

(CBS NEWS) If you’re a nurse looking for work and don’t mind a quiet locale, you might want to look at a tiny Scottish island with a population of about 60 for your next job. In a job posting from NHS Shetland, Fair Isle, a popular bird-watching spot is in need of an “enthusiastic autonomous practitioner with a degree of flexibility” to work on the doctor-free island. 

The job quirky job posting made the rounds on social media. The sparsely populated island is home to about 10,000 puffins and 1,000 sheep, so could make a good home for a healthcare worker who loves animals, the BBC reports.

It’s a big job. The nurse “will be responsible” for ensuring “all islanders have access to appropriate healthcare to meet their needs,” according to the job posting. 

The island is very remote. Not only does it not have power at night, but flights aren’t allowed to enter its airport until the snow clears, the BBC reports.

Elena Mera Long is the current nurse and has served in her role over the past decade. Local island blogger Tommy H. Hyndman wrote that Mera Long is a piano teacher, knitter, and a church organ player. In other words, the new nurse has some big shoes to fill.

If you are a bird-watching nurse, keep in mind that the job posting closes April 24.

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