"This map should absolutely concern you:" Milwaukee alderman says fire crews are stretched to the limit

NOW: “This map should absolutely concern you:“ Milwaukee alderman says fire crews are stretched to the limit

Milwaukee firefighters have been busy this week battling multiple house fires, but one local alderman is concerned whether there enough resources to cover all the fires.

Alderman Bob Donovan, 8th district, posted to Facebook Thursday:

"That could cost us so many lives. Minutes count, seconds count when you're talking a fire, when you're talking emergency medical services, and this is unacceptable, but sadly it's a state Milwaukee finds itself in," said Alderman Donovan in an interview with CBS58.

Donovan says the map came from people he wants to keep anonymous, but assures the information is accurate. Donovan says he's encouraging other city employees to come forward with problems they're experiencing.

"I've talked to dozens and dozens of firefighters who are frustrated, who are upset, who feel as I do that our our city's safety is in jeopardy, and this is status quo," said Donovan.

"I have not seen the data that he's relying on I can tell you we have worked very very closely with the Chief and have done an analysis and believe that we have the resources that are necessary," said Mayor Tom Barrett when asked about the post.

In the Facebook post, Donovan asks if another call was dispatched while fire crews were at N. 21st Street & W. Concordia Avenue, "How long would it have taken to get the necessary fire equipment and personnel on scene to save lives?"

Milwaukee Fire Department says they did get a second fire call while at the 3 alarm fire on N. 21st Street & W. Concordia Avenue. The call came in at 11:06 a.m. for the 5800 block of N. 37th Street. Milwaukee Fire Department says crews arrived and put out the fire ten minutes from the time they were dispatched.

Donovan says he wants to raise awareness about fire resources being stretched. In the post, Donovan says some of the mayor's budget cuts are to blame.

"It was no question it was the budget I asked him and other alders to help us try to avoid the cuts I believe he wanted to make a political," said Barrett.

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