"This is our for better or for worse:" Newlyweds looking for answers after unknown illness hospitalizes groom

NOW: “This is our for better or for worse:“ Newlyweds looking for answers after unknown illness hospitalizes groom


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee husband and wife are spending their honeymoon in the hospital. The newlyweds got sick after their July wedding. The bride recovered but the groom is now paralyzed.

Doctors are working with the CDC to find out what the illness might be. Meanwhile, the bridge and groom are taking their wedding vows seriously, not leaving one another's side.

"We got married this July, July 21st." Bridget and Adam Spoerri said their vows at South Shore Pavilion in Milwaukee.

One week in, they held true on one line in particular, "In sickness and in health."

"I had this general cold for about a week and then he caught it at the end of our honeymoon," said Bridget Spoerri.

After returning home from a road trip honeymoon along Lake Superior, Adam wasn't getting any better and he ended up in the ICU.

"This is our better or for worse," said Bridget.

For nearly a month, she hasn't left Adam's side. The unknown virus attacked his spinal cord and paralyzed most of his body, including his voice.

Doctors don't know for sure, but they are honing in on Adam's illness being Acute Flaccid Myelitis. The couple is hoping to find someone else who has had Adam's symptoms, or has recovered from AFM.

"It would be nice to hear from other people, just to see how their recovery went, what worked for them, if anyone has great brilliant answers on what's going on. It's been really tough not knowing for sure," said Bridget.

Adam has been able, however, to use his hand to write Bridget messages.

"I thought it was going to be a message about how scared he was or what was happening and he asked me 'How was your lunch?' While I'm freaking out trying to take care of him, he's still trying to take care of me," Bridget said.

Bridget says that even in the ICU, Adam is still doting on his bride.

"He's always checking up on me to see if I've eaten or if I've slept. He's always been my caretaker and now it's my turn to be his," Bridget said.

Adam is slowly recovering and even walked through the ICU on Tuesday. Doctors don't know how long Adam will be in the hospital but as long as he is, Bridget will be there. 

"We're doing this together. I wouldn't, I couldn't not be by his side. There's no way I could leave his side," Bridget said.

Doctors are narrowing in on what Adam may have.

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